Current G4HJW 10 GHz status


Locator: JO02DE (7km east of Cambridge)

Best DX: F6DQW SE Paris 415km

Rx antenna: 45cm offset dish

Transmit antenna: 45cm offset dish

Antenna height: 8m

Tx power: 3W PEP at the antenna

Estimated ERP: 4kW

Transverter:: LNB based double conversion (1st IF = 280 MHz, 2nd IF = 18 MHz). Local oscillator multiplied up from 10 MHz ovened reference (Toyocom TCO-613 clone). Tx output power approx. 20mW

Antenna located PA: Mitsubishi MGF2430A feeding a Fujitsu FLM0910-3F. Output is fed through an isolator

Rx Antenna/integral 20dB pre-amp: Modified Cambridge G96 LNB

Main IF: Icom IC-703

Home station antenna




3W PA prior to fitting into its waterproof housing


The LNB based transverter