Slick looking panels or posters using inkjet transparencies

This is a very short page, but the contents are very impressive...

If, like me you've spent hours letra-setting panels, masking off areas to spray a second colour, and still find it looks not that professional, try this approach - it will give you a glossy finish, which is usually not what you want (though it's ok for a poster), but otherwise is really excellent (and quite easy).

Produce your artwork using your favorite package - I like Visio. You can use photographs as well (if you're doing a poster) if you wish. Make sure you work in A4 multiples, and check that your inkjet printed can print mirror image, and select that mode. Now print your artwork onto a sheet of inkjet transparency. Leave to dry!

The clever bit

Buy a small tin of silver Plasti-cote paint (ok, your favorite colour instead) - all UK DIY stores have them in stock at present, shake well, and spray the rear side of the transparency (ie, spray directly over the print). Let dry. Add a second coat, and let dry.

Look at the transparency from the front.

Isn't that really slick! - the spray may appear patchy viewed from the rear, but it should look really even from the front. Use a spray on glue to get an even layer, then stick to your front panel or cardboard poster, it that's what you are doing. In the case of panels, making holes for LEDs etc is tricky, but you could resort to masking with prior to sray painting, if you wanted to

You now have a panel similar to the ones using a polycarbonate label (often seen on Photocopiers). As soon as I find a source of matt films, I will list that here too - I know that they are produced. Please let me know if have seen any also.