Some 3cm audio and video clips


Audio clips

These three audio clips are all of the beacon GB3CCX (located at Cleeve Hill) some 155 km away, during lift conditions with varying degrees of rainscatter doppler broadening the signal.

Ignore the occassionalsudden jump in frequency, which is due to an intermittant at GB3CCX

Clip 1: This signal is nice and clean - no sign of rain-scatter. 1.3Mb

Clip 2: Some rain-scatter broadening of the signal in evidence. 1.3Mb

Clip 3: Noticeable rain-scatter in evidence. 1.3Mb


Video clips

The following three video clips were taken onboard Greenfly, a small motorised yacht owned by Jenny G0VQH, which was sailing out towards sea just off Harwich (looking across to Felixstowe), as shown below. We were monitoring signals from GB3 MHX on 10 368.830 MHz, located at Martlesham Heath - again shown on the map below:

Clip 1: 5Mb

Clip 2: 9.6MB

Clip 3: 18Mb


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