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10 GHz Narrowband:
the line of sight band that isn't

Current operational status

A (re) introduction to 10 GHz via satellite LNBs

Measurements on two well known waveguide filters

3cm transverter

Gallery of satellite LNB modifications

Some audio and video clips showing multipath/doppler propagation effects

3cm Cambridge beacon proposal

GB3CAM 3cm and 1.2cm beacon site

Low cost construction using surplus satellite LNBs  (Sheffield talk, 2008)

Microwave construction on a shoestring   (Sheffield talk, 2008) a few

How stable are the free-running LO's in Ku band satellite LNB's?

Injection locking of LNB LO

Quasi high LNB LO frequency stability - with no modification to LNB!  

Bawdsey 10 GHz receiving station  

Build details for 3cm converter kit based on above    

3cm eme reception - dabbling my feet

PLL LNBs - using external OCXO references

Much needs adding here.

Nanowave transceiver  - Finningley uwave RT 2012

Cambridge (Wyton) low power red and IR beacons

Use of quartz tuning fork resonators at 32 - 100 kHz - for cloud bounce propagation

Optical red/IR 3mW 15kHz FM optical beacon

NBFM/AM/SSB baseband/subcarrier transceiver

A portable light-proof Test box

Simple down-convertor for sub-carrier working

Red LED as opto-diode

Current v voltage mode detector comparison

DATV over optical

A pair of 4 khz usb transceivers

Miscellaneous radio:

14.4MHz TCXO upward frequency mods

Small temperature controlled oven

VFO buffer/amplifier

0 - 4 MHz receiver

HF frequency selective combiner

Reduced bandwidth DATV exciter (146.5 MHz)

An analogue, fast responding, high resolution signal strength meter for QO-100

Ceramic resonator SSB filters

80m Weaver receiver and transceiver - also known as '3rd method'

23cm PA using Erikson PTF10137 sm device

Displaying  RDS information

Whistler ELF receiver

Solar flare VLF receiver

Small loop antennas (magnetic loops)

RF Capacitors - plumbing the depths

FM1100 E-band conversion to F-band (54-68MHz)

FM1100 as synthesised LO source for an HF transceiver

2.4GHz 802.11b radio survey of Little Wilbraham

Slick looking panels - or posters using A4 inkjet transparencies

80m SDR dongle - Finningley uwave RT 2010


Millenium shed:

Full details.



Radio Astronomy topics:

18m dish - 408 and 1420 MHz focus box .....Archive, with missing links

Interferometry at 11GHz using satellite TV LNBs and dishes


80m/6m duplexer

6m/2m/70cm triplexer

Norman Rockwell

Tiger (pussycat)

Tiger v.2


Why I won't use FedEx

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